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Premier Green Safety Range

Eagle Aluminium’s in-house thermal simulators have developed the Premier Green Safety Range. The range includes our very best performing fenestration products meeting the ever demanding constraints stipulated by local municipalities.

What to look for in energy efficient products

Fenestration is an important aspect when it comes to designing your building envelope as it has significant impact on the quality of life within the building.

With the increasing energy requirements associated with building and renovating, there is a growing demand for energy efficient glass. Building owners in general are becoming increasingly aware of the impact energy efficient glass can have on the comfort levels and energy costs of their buildings.

If your building is located in an area which has colder climates, you require glass that offers better insulation than standard clear glass. Your building’s heat escapes through the glass during colder weather, and to reduce heat loss through the fenestration, a low emissivity (Low E) glass or Insulated Glass Unit (double glazing) is recommended.

For heat loss, the lower the U-Value the better the insulation.

U-Value (think cold)

  • The measure of the rate of non-solar heat loss through fenestration. The lower the U-value of glass, the greater the fenestration resistance to heat flow, and thus the better its insulating value.

SHGC (think hot)

  • Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient, or SHGC, is a description of the fraction of solar radiation admitted through glass inducing what is absorbed and subsequently released inward. The lower the SHGC, the less solar heat the glass transmits and the greater its shading ability.

Visible Light Transmittance

  • The Visible Transmittance, or VT, measures the fraction of the visible spectrum of light. Simply put, it represents the amount of daylight that the fenestration allows to shine in.

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