Management Team

Management Team 2019-09-16T08:39:36+02:00

Anthony Adler –

Anthony Adler founded Natglass in Oct 1995 with a customer centred, retail approach in a wholesale…

Belinda Louw –
Managing Director

Belinda Louw, daughter of Anthony Adler, joined Natglass in 2009 after taking a short break backpacking…

Francois Viljoen –
Executive Director

Francois Viljoen has been with Natglass since 2002 and is part of the original team that built the company…

Gary Martin –
Executive Director

Gary Martin joined Natglass in 2001. His passion for business developed early in life and has driven…

Nic Kruger –
Sales Director

Nic Kruger has spent 18 years in the Glass and Aluminium industry gaining a vast technical…

Alwyn Gouws –
Operations Director

Alwyn Gouws was appointed Operations Manager for Natglass in 2009 after his role as…

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