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Clear Laminated Safety Glass

A tough, resilient glass which makes an excellent safety glazing material. Offers protection from forced entry and reduces risk of personal injury if broken.

Penetration Resistance
Significantly more difficult for criminals to break through

If glass is broken, fragments will adhere to the PVB layer, reducing the risk of personal injury and property damage

Sound Reduction
Effective sound control product due to damping performance of PVB

Ultraviolet Screening
Helps protect valuable furniture, displays or merchandise from the harmful effects of UV radiation

SABS approved
All laminated safety glass is SABS approved

Suggested Application

  • Interior and exterior windows or doors
  • Commonly used in airports, museums, sound studios and schools

Product Info

Performance ratings
Laminated glass is available in three performance variations

  • Normal Strength (NS)
  • High Penetration Resistant (HPR)
  • High Impact (HI)
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